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Financial shelter if your home is damaged

Did you know that many common problems such as termites are NOT covered in an ordinary homeowners' insurance policy? Make homeownership the joy it was meant to be. Find out about the riders you may need, and also shop around through us to keep your premiums manageable.

• Fire insurance

• Coverage for property theft

• Sewage back-up rider

• Additional coverage for jewelry and antiques

• Discounts for ages 55+

• Extra insurance for flooding

• Renters' insurance

Comprehensive coverage from top firms

Homeowners' insurance premiums fluctuate. That's why it's doubly advantageous for you as an owner or renter to work with an independent agent such as us. With more than 20 providers to choose from, we can find an insurance company whose policy fits your household budget.

Choice and flexibility

At last, a benefit from Pennsylvania's harsh winters! The insurance companies we work with understand that, so many of them offer a price break. Layup policies have you pay only for the comprehensive part during the winter.

Find out how you can protect your home for less.


Money-saving tip

Home security, such as new locks or an alarm, does even more for you than deter intruders. It can also give you a break on your insurance premium of 5 to 10%!

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