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Keeping you and your vehicle safe and legal

Besides Pennsylvania's required minimum liability coverage, we can work with you, assessing your driving needs and habits, to determine just the right amount of coverage to make your road journeys worry-free. Of course there are safe-driver discounts - if you have an immaculate record, speak up and save!

Did you know that most auto-insurance policies don't cover your belongings inside your vehicle in the event of theft? If you travel regularly with valuables such as a camera or notebook computer, we suggest you buy additional coverage. Ask us which kind of policy you should carry.

Need more coverage? We can do that

Of course as a motor vehicle, and a high-risk one at that (hey, that’s part of the fun of riding!), motorcycles require that you carry liability insurance for safe and legal riding on Pennsylvania’s roads. Ask us about all the great discounts you can get for things like having an anti-theft device, taking a safety course, or belonging to a motorcycle club or the AARP. Call us for a quote on a great policy to keep you an easy rider! We can also keep your recreational boating worry-free.

Motorcycles and boats need insurance, too!

Bought another car? Your new or new-to-you vehicle is covered immediately under your current policy for a short time, but don't forget to update your policy ASAP.

Get your fantastic vehicle insurance quote today!


Money-saving tip

To lower your premium, you can forgo collision and comprehensive coverage. The possible down side of course is if you get into an accident and it's your fault, you have to pay your own repair bills.

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